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Accountancy, tax and finance tailored to the legal professional

Accountancy, tax and finance tailored to the legal professional

Our team provides you, a legal professional (solicitor, lawyer, bailiff, etc.), with guidance at every important moment of your business: at its foundation, during its development, when drawing up strategies for the future and in the event of a sale, liquidation or dissolution. As a coach, as a consultant and as a confidential advisor. Are you looking for a partner who is up-to-date with the latest legislation in your sector, thinks creatively and provides immediately usable advice tailored to your business? The professionals of dnf legal are your perfect advisor!

Specialised tax and legal advice

The focus of dnf legal is on providing advice on tax and company law. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers and economists closely follow legislation and developments in the field of law. If necessary, we call on our network of specialists in various fields. We use our extensive experience for you, tailored to your business. We provide advice to start-ups, SMEs, non-profit and large multinational companies.

Your accredited tax consultant will show you the way through the taxation maze. We offer assistance from the very beginning (establishment, acquisition, the transition from self-employed to a company) and the day-to-day operation of your company (tax returns, tax audits). At crucial moments (tax incentives for investment, tax impact of new activities, tax implementation of new regulations) and at a time when you decide to dissolve your company.

Our focus is on assisting you with all possible tax formalities. In addition, we are also your guide on all aspects of corporate law. We will assist you in the years ahead in implementing the reformed corporate legislation.

Would you like to take advantage of specialists? Use the specialists at dnf in house.


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