dnf attaches great importance to a happy relationship and is therefore always improving the quality of its services.

But where people are working, errors can be made and misunderstandings can occur. If you are dissatisfied with one of our case managers, about our services or any other aspect of our organisation, dnf explicitly asks that you inform us as soon as possible. Firstly to resolve complaints to everyone's satisfaction and secondly, so that dnf can learn from your comments.

We take your comments very seriously and, where appropriate, will look for an appropriate solution, together with you.

Complaints procedure

Resolving a complaint by telephone

Complaints are often best resolved during a good conversation (by phone or at a meeting). dnf therefore asks you first to contact us for a telephone consultation about the problem or to make an appointment. If the complaint is related to a certain person, it is preferable that you first try to find a solution with that person. If this is not possible or you have reasons for not wanting to do this, you can also contact one of the managers of the company.

Formal written complaints procedure

If your problem cannot be resolved during a conversation or this is not a suitable option for your complaint, you can formally submit a complaint in writing. You can request a form from us to do this, which you can then complete and send for the attention of one of the managers. Please state explicitly that you want the complaint to be dealt with through the official complaints procedure.

Rules of procedure

The actual procedure is as follows: the manager will deal with your complaint as soon as possible, and consult with you and other interested parties with a view to reaching a satisfactory solution. If he is not able to provide you with a detailed reply within a few days, he will, in any case, confirm receipt of your complaint within a few days. In most cases, he will also contact you to discuss the next steps. Or he may ask you for clarification or further information. The aim is to deal with your complaint within three weeks. If this period needs to be extended, you will be informed about the reason and also kept informed of the progress of the procedure. You will, of course, receive a written confirmation of the outcome of the procedure.

Other aspects of the complaints procedure

To comply with our professional rules, all aspects of the handling of your complaint will be recorded. All information is, of course, dealt with care and in confidence. In certain situations it may be necessary to obtain external advice from professional independent agencies. That is why you are asked to give us permission, when submitting your formal complaint, to share (copies of) any relevant documents with experts. We always ask them to sign a document safeguarding their confidentiality.

Finally, if you have a complaint and you let us know, we would really appreciate that. After all, you are giving us a second chance. You can be assured that we include all reasonable complaints in the evaluation of our organisation and that we do our utmost to take measures to avoid the problem occurring again.

We look forward to a good relationship and cooperation in the future.

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