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Our services

Assistance for individual athletes and trainers

  • Gross-net calculation and remuneration structure optimisation during contract negotiations
  • Preparation, optimisation, and filing of personal income tax returns
  • Tax support for foreign athletes’ (sports) income generated in Belgium (such as F1 drivers, triathletes, football players, etc.)
  • Tax optimisation for Belgian athletes’ income generated abroad (such as tennis players, football players, volleyball players, gymnasts, handball players, triathletes, cyclists, etc.)
  • Fiscal optimisation for individual athletes’ income from sponsorship

Assistance for sports clubs

  • Assistance during direct taxation audits
  • Advice and assistance in completing legal formalities (such as legal entities income tax returns, corporate tax returns, sales tax returns, non-profit association tax returns, advance payroll tax returns, drawing up of (payroll) tax forms, etc.)
  • Advice regarding optimisation for building a sports infrastructure or clubhouse (such as sales tax savings, leasehold, usufruct, etc.)
  • Gross-net calculations and remuneration structure optimisation during contract negotiations

Assistance for sports federations

  • Sports federations too are dealing with more and more complex tax-related and legal issues (such as non-profit association taxes, sales taxes, legal entities income taxes, tax assistance regarding trainer/athlete remuneration, etc.).

Companies in the sports industry

  • Other companies that operate in the sports industry also have an increased need for customised support. Such companies are often always looking for the newest innovations to be able to live up to the Olympic slogan of ‘citius, altius, fortius’. Tax legislature includes certain tax incentives for such innovations (such as patent deductions, limited exemption from payment of advance payroll taxes, etc.). However, there are also several tax pitfalls that need to be taken into account. Therefore, customised tax support is necessary.