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dnf sportpraktijk

dnf sportpraktijk’s policy is
your sport, our concern‘.

The sports industry has to deal with particularly complex legislation in terms of taxation. Moreover, this branch of the law is one that is rapidly changing. Due to this increasing complexity, sports federations, clubs, individual athletes, and trainers have an increased need for customised support to help them manage the tax-related and financial evolutions in their industry. The search for such high quality support is often a difficult one. dnf sports practice aims to fill this gap.

Why choose dnf sports practice?

  • Our practical experience is probably our biggest asset. For example, it is not without a certain degree of pride that we are able to say that dnf sports practice has supported over 500 (!) sports clubs in Flanders, both large and small ones.
  • We are the first and only firm in Belgium that deals with sports taxation on a nearly full-time basis.
  • We prioritise a proactive and flexible way of working with our clients. Legislation (particularly with regards to taxation) is quickly changing, which makes it necessary for athletes, sports clubs, and sports federations to be fully informed immediately.
  • Thanks to our own considerable passion for sports, we have a distinct affinity with the needs of individual athletes, sports clubs, and sports federations.