dnf sport & entertainment

Financial partner of sports companies and sports people, entertainment companies and artists

Accountancy, tax & finance tailored to sports companies and sports people, entertainment companies and artists.

dnf sport & entertainment is THE benchmark with regard to accounting, tax and financial matters of the sports & entertainment sector.

The sports sector has a particularly complex taxation system and rapidly changing legislation. As a sports federation, sports club, individual sports person or trainer, you need customised guidance to stay up-to-date with all fiscal and financial trends in your industry.

Our practical experience is probably our greatest asset! And we can say with some pride that we have already provided advice to over a hundred professional sportsmen and women. And we have more than 500 small and major sports clubs in Flanders amongst our clients dnf sport is the first and only tax consultancy office in Belgium involved full-time in taxation in the sports sector. Thanks to our passion for sport, we have a special affinity for the needs of the individual sportsman and woman, sports clubs and sports federations.

And just like the sports sector, the entertainment industry is also faced with complex (international) taxation. As an actor, singer, DJ or e-gamer, you will soon come up against foreign tax legislation because of your performances abroad. Due to this increasing complexity, artists and organisers need more customised guidance. The search for such high-quality guidance is often not easy. dnf entertainment fills that gap so you are proactively kept up-to-date with all the tax and financial developments in your particular field of work. Your company, our concern.

Our services

We offer general accounting and tax support to sports and entertainment companies, sportsmen and women and artistes. In addition, you can make use of our sector-specific guidance, such as:

For individual sportsmen and women and trainers

  • Preparation, optimisation and submission of personal income tax returns
  • Foreign income tax optimisation of (top) Belgian sportsmen and women (e.g. tennis players, footballers, volleyballers, athletes, hockey players, etc.)
  • Tax optimisation of the income of sponsors of individual sportsmen and women
  • Tax guidance for foreign athletes regarding their income (from sport) in Belgium
  • Tax guidance on emigration and immigration as a result of a transfer
  • Gross-net calculations and optimisation of the remuneration structure in contract negotiations

For sports clubs

  • advice and assistance when completing legal formalities (e.g. a personal income tax return, corporate tax return, VAT return, inheritance tax return, withholding tax return, formatting payslips, etc.)
  • assistance when submitting licence applications for the Royal Belgian Football Association, Basketball Flanders, etc.
  • Financial advice for sports clubs (drawing up a budget, cash flow planning, etc.)
  • Guidance on acquisitions (e.g. due diligence)
  • Advice on optimisation when building sports infrastructure (e.g. VAT savings, leaseholds, usufruct, etc.)
  • Gross and net calculations and optimisation of the remuneration structure in contract negotiations
  • Assistance with VAT or direct taxation inspections

For sports federations

  • Assistance with complex tax and legal questions, such as inheritance tax, VAT, legal entity income tax, etc.
  • Tax assistance regarding the remuneration of trainers, (top) athletes, etc

For sports companies

  • Advice on tax incentives (e.g. patent revenue abatement, income tax deducted at source, etc.)
  • Advice so that tax pitfalls are avoided

For entertainment companies and artistes

  • Tax shelter
  • Submission of tax returns

Our references

  • Professional footballers from the Red Devils, RSC Anderlecht, Racing Genk, Club Brugge, AA Gent, Royal Antwerp Football Club, Zulte Waregem, various foreign clubs, etc.
  • Professional Belgian tennis players
  • Olympic medal winners
  • The main sports federations in Flanders
  • Former sportsmen and women building on their career after competing
  • A number of (professional) sport clubs and assistance in the framework of the Dynamo Project


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