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dnf pensionfunds

dnf pensionfunds’ motto is ‘your pension fund, our concern’. Put simply, this means that we will take constant care of your company. As a professional consultancy firm, we are your confidante, always up to date and at your service, always available. We are fully dedicated to completing any assignments you entrust us with in an effective, pro-active, and efficient manner, enabling you to run your business without any hassle.

Our goal is for enterprising entrepreneurs with small or medium-sized pension funds to be able to turn to dnf pensionfunds as the perfect partner for all of their accountancy, taxation, financial, and legal affairs.


We continuously assess whether the way we carry out our activities meets the following standards:

  • Pioneer of eAccounting tools (optimum digitalisation)
  • Continuity (the same point of contact and back-up at all times)
  • Reliability (dnf was founded over 50 years ago and consists of more than 30 professionals)
  • Quality (continuously being up to date on our field)
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability (market rates and transparent fees) 

We consider the relationship with our clients to be a long-term partnership, allowing us to provide them with well-founded, visionary support from close by. Our employees and our knowledge are our most important assets in this, which is why we invest in those aspects constantly. This is the only way for dnf pensionfunds to guarantee its quality, reliability, and relationships of mutual trust, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.