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Your external accountant – your trusted advisor

As external accountants, we assist you in all bookkeeping and accountancy matters.
We can provide you with various types of assistance:

  • Full accountancy services, from A to Z, either at dnf’s offices or on-site at your offices
  • In consultation with you, we optimally manage your bookkeeping digitally in the cloud (you scan the documents and we check them)
  • Review of your bookkeeping on-site at your offices or from our own office

We are very flexible in this respect. Appointments are always made in consultation with our clients. But there is more. With us as your accountants, you will have the perfect external consultants to provide you with independent professional support at all crucial moments for your company.

A selection of the potential benefits for your company:

  • All-round accountancy / sales tax / annual financial statement / tax returns
  • Organisation and follow-up of your administrative and accountancy services
  • Drafting of financial plans and their implications for your strategic plans
  • Drafting of cash planning / budgets as well as regular assessment thereof
  • External audits of your financial situation and annual financial statements
  • Support for your auditing right as a shareholder in a company
  • Advice regarding corporate law, inheritance law, family succession, subsidisation, …
  • Appraisal of your company
  • Special mandates regarding settlements / mergers / demergers / …


Your accountant is both a reliable coach and an experienced consultant.
So why not join forces?

Your tax consultant – the perfect counsellor

Taxation is a very complex matter that is constantly changing. Legal theory, case law, legislation, interpretations, rulings … Luckily, your tax consultant is always able to see the taxation forest for the trees, due to their continuous and highly specialised training.

The advantages:

  • Optimal tax advice in a local, regional, federal, and international context
  • Assistance for tax audits
    • Responses to requests for more information and notices of changes
    • Drafting of appeals
    • Representation during audits
    • Support during tax procedures, in consultation with law firms
  • Assistance in fulfilling your legal tax-related obligations
    • Corporate tax returns, legal entities income tax returns, non-residents tax returns, and personal income tax returns
    • Movable assets advance tax returns, payroll tax forms …
    • Representation during audits
  • Support for reaching agreements and rulings with the local audit authorities or central management
  • Tax or legal assistance for reorganisations (mergers, demergers, …) and acquisitions
  • Tax-related due diligence
    • For the acquisition of companies and/or businesses
    • Transfer of companies (vendor due diligence)
  • Support for international expansion via our collaboration with the TGS network
  • A perfect counsellor for your private and company assets
  • Professional and practically minded advice regarding inheritance law and planning, corporate taxes, …

If you are looking for specialised tax advice regarding your assets or gain insight into your company’s various tax options, your tax consultant would be happy to guide you on your way through the maze of taxation matters.

In short, solid financial and taxation support

Entrepreneurs and companies expect increasing amounts of added value. And well they should. Legislation is becoming more and more complex, and as such, a good guide with a steady hand is needed to enable you to grow your company in the current, increasingly global economic context. To be able to guide you in this way, dnf continuously invests in both internal and external training, highly trained staff, modern infrastructure, an international TGS network, collaboration at the national level with experts in the various fields, …

Your company deserves solid financial and taxation support by:

A coach
Your accountant/tax consultant will be able to provide you with input regarding all of the stages your company will go through: founding, expansion, developing strategies for the future …

A consultant
Your accountant/tax consultant will work independently and is bound by strict professional confidentiality. As such, you are ensured of objective advice from a confidant.