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Our added value

Our team supports your company at every important moment of your company, when it is being set up, as it develops, when working out strategies for the future and in the event of a sale, liquidation or dissolution. As a coach, as a consultant and as a confidential advisor.

The focus of dnf Belgium is on providing assistance with tax and company law. Our multidisciplinary team of accredited tax consultants, lawyers and economists closely follow the complex legislation and developments in the field of taxation and company law. If necessary, we bring in our experts from dnf tax & legal in specialist matters.

Our focus firstly is on assisting with all potential tax formalities from the very beginning, the day-to-day operation of your company to when it ceases to operate and, secondly, on providing specialist advice and assistance with the help of the dnf tax & legal team (e.g. application of rulings, fiscal due diligence, assistance with audits, etc.).