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Complaints procedure


dnf greatly values being able to satisfy its relations and as such is continuously working to improve its services.

However, as with any work, mistakes are still possible and misunderstandings can arise. Should you be dissatisfied with one of our account managers, our services, or any other aspect of our organisation, we ask that you please inform us thereof as soon as possible. This will both allow us to solve any complaints to our mutual satisfaction and allow us to learn from your comments.

We will take your comments very seriously and if warranted, find a suitable solution in consultation with you.

Complaints procedure

Handling of complaints by phone

Often times, complaints are best handled via a good conversation, either by phone or in a meeting. Therefore dnf asks that you first contact us for a conversation by phone regarding the problem or to schedule a meeting. If your complaint concerns a particular individual, we ask that you first attempt to arrive at a solution with that person. If such an attempt were unsuccessful, would not be appropriate, or you have reasons to want to refrain from doing so, please feel free to contact one of our managing partners, namely Frederik Daeseleire/ Nadia Bulens/Ludo Frans. If the complaint concerns one of them, please feel free to contact one of the other partners.

Formal written complaints procedure

If your problem could not be handled through conversation with us or if you feel your complaint is not suitable for being handled through conversation, you can file a formal written complaint using a form you can request from us, which you then send to us addressed to one of our managing partners. Make sure to mention that you want the complaint to be handled according to the official complaints procedure.

Procedural process

The process after you file a complaint is as follows: the relevant managing partner will handle your complaint as soon as possible and consult with you and all other people involved to come to a satisfactory solution. If the partner is unable to respond substantively within a few days, they will at the very least send you a confirmation of receipt within those first few days. Usually, they will also contact you to discuss any further steps to be taken. They may also ask you for additional information or explanation. Our aim is to handle any complaints within three weeks at the latest. If this term is exceeded, you will be informed of the reason thereof and kept up to date on the procedural process. Once the complaints procedure is completed, you will receive written confirmation of its outcome.

Other aspects of the complaints procedure

In part because professional regulations require it, all aspects of our handling of your complaint will be recorded. Any such information will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. In some situations, it may be necessary for us to obtain external advice from independent professional organisations. When you file a formal complaint, we therefore ask your permission to make (copies of) any relevant documents available to any such experts. As is customary within our organisation, we will request that any such experts sign a confidentiality agreement.

Finally, know that if you have a complaint and inform us thereof, we greatly appreciate it. After all, by letting us know, you are giving us a second chance. Rest assured that we include all valid complaints in our organisational assessment and do our utmost to implement measures to prevent repetition of the particular issue.

We hope to be able to ensure a good continued relation and collaboration.

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  • If you have a complaint about one of the dnf divisions that you wish to inform us of in writing, please use this form.

    For more information regarding the further handling of your complaint once you file it, please be referred to our complaints procedure.
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